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  • Get Ahead of the Markets – with deep data and incisive commentary that crystalizes your market view and creates opportunities for competitive advantage.
  • Go Deeper than the Data – Read direct commentary from the brokers who trade the actual markets – so you can understand what market movements mean to your business.
  • Make Our Expertise Yours – Get analysis on physical commodities from brokers who walk the fields with the folks who produce them – our customers!
  • Raise Your Game – Learn how to see market movements through the lens of successful risk managers and proven hedging strategies – and take action.
  • Understand the Big Picture – View your market from a global perspective, with aggregated news, data and commentary from every facet of our markets – from weather to supply chain developments to consumer trends.  
  • See the Patterns Within – See how external factors and emerging trends form patterns that drive pricing and strategy.
  • Make Knowledge a Habit – Log on every day for an expanded perspective and actionable insights that can give you a leg up on competitors.


Market Intelligence – it’s not just for traders anymore. Understand the global dynamics driving demand for your products and plan your marketing and operational strategies accordingly.


Use our insights to inform your purchasing strategies, plan production schedules and protect your margins.


Manage inventory, anticipate supply-chain bottlenecks and guard against volatile transport costs.

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Consider our platform a de facto intelligence arm – at a fraction of the price. Or rely on it for expert second opinions.